Sophisticated Analytical Instrument Facility

CSIR-Central Drug Research Institute, Lucknow

Supported by: Department of Science & Technology ( Govt. of India)

SAIF Users are request to register on for online sample information submission and make online payment for analysis.

Organisation Structure

SAIF facilities of DST function in a collaborative mode where major instruments are funded by the Department of Science & Technology, GOI and the necessary infrastructure and operational support is provided by hosting institute. There is a Centre Management Committee to review the functioning of SAIF and make recommendations. These recommendations are reviewed once a year by a National Steering Committee to allocate Plan Budgets to the SAIF's and also to discuss the ways and means of improving the services to research and industry. Once in five years, a Review Committee appointed by the DST examines the achievements of each SAIF, and also surveys the user community with a view to assess the effectiveness of these Centres.

SAIF-CDRI Lucknow has following facilities
  1. Prof Tapas Kumar Kundu, Director, CSIR-CDRI, Chairman
  2. Dr. R. Ravishankar, Sr. Pr. Scientist & HOD, SAIF
  3. Dr.Arindam Bhattacharyya Scientist C, DST, New Delhi
  4. Prof.J N Moorthy, Dept of Chemistry, IIT, Kanpur
  5. Prof. Anil Mishra , Dept of Chemistry, Lucknow University
  6. Dr.AnupamSharma,Scientist E, BSIP,Lucknow
  7. Dr M K Mudiam, Principal Scientist, IICT, Hyderabad
  8. Controller of Administration, CDRI, Lucknow
  9. Controller of Finance & Accounts , CDRI, Lucknow

The function of the FMC is to oversee and guides the activities of the SAIF. It scrutinizes the proposed annual budget of the Centre before its submission to DST. It approves and forwards progress report of the SAIF, Lucknow to DST. The committee also takes note of requirement for any new equipment to be procured for SAIF.

  • SAIF, CDRI, Lucknow is under the administrative control of the Director, CDRI.