All Communication should be addressed to Head Sophisticated analytical Instrument, Facillity, CSIR-Central Drug Research Institute, Sector 10, Jankipuram Extension, Sitapur Road, Lucknow 226031, Uttar Pradesh, INDIA  
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Dedicated to Provide High Quality Analytical Services to Researchers
Sophisticated Analytical Instrument facility (Formerly known as Regional Sophisticated Instrumentation
Centre- RSIC) at Central Drug Research Institute, Lucknow is more than 30 years old and is one of the first four such facilities set up by the Department of Science & Technology (DST), Government of India in mid seventies.
SAIF- CDRI provides primarily chemistry centric analytical facilities for researchers throughout India. Researchers outside India are also welcome to get their samples analyzed.
Sophisticated analytical instruments are vital for pursuing research in many areas of modern science and technology. Many institutions in the country do not have such instruments. These instruments are expensive and cannot be provided through individual project mechanism. Moreover, these instruments are of inter/multidisciplinary utility and thus it is desirable to use them on sharing basis for their optimum utilization. Considering these aspects, the Department of Science & Technology (DST) has set up Sophisticated Analytical Instrument Facilities (SAIFs) in different parts of the country under its Sophisticated Analytical Instrument Facilities Programme to provide the facilities of sophisticated analytical instruments to the research workers in general and specially from the institutions which do not have access to such instruments to enable them to pursue R&D activities requiring such facilities and keep pace with developments taking place globally. The instrument facilities provided by the SAIFs are being utilized by about 6,000 users every year from academic institutions, R&D laboratories and industries from all over the country.
Objectives of the SAIF:
Provide facilities of sophisticated analytical instruments to scientists and other users from academic institutes, R&D laboratories and industries to enable them to carry out measurements for R&D work.
Acquire and develop capability for preventive maintenance and repair of sophisticated instruments.
Development of new measurement/analytical techniques: Efforts are made by the SAIF to develop new techniques/ methods of analysis to put the instruments to their full use and offer them to the scientists for exploring new dimensions in research in various areas of science and technology.
Organize short term courses/workshops on the use and application of various instruments and analytical techniques.
Train technicians for maintenance and operation of sophisticated instruments.
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